Friday, May 09, 2008

Fund-Raising TV Show and Han Geng's Accident

Pop group Super Junior-M (Mandarin), made up of four South Korean and three Chinese boys, attends a TV show on Wednesday, May 7, 2008 in central China's Changsha City to raise fund for a local primary school. Super Junior-M, just established in April this year, targets mainly at Chinese mainland audience. [Photo:]

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on the other hand, here comes the sad news.
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Here is the alleged story: SJM were guests on a nature/competition like show (I think its the same as the charity show) where one of the guys fell, Since one of the members fell in the water, Han Geng, went in to help him but somehow ended up cutting his knee on something so is injured more than the one he saved.


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* ) LMAO.i cant help it but i'm laughing so hard when saw they wearing the costume. x)

Hankyung!what happened to you.
i felt worried! x(

* ) Han Geng was trying to save someone,
but in return, he got more injured than that
get well soon Han Geng!!!
so many idols r getting hurt these days! >__<

* ) rofl @ the costumes ! x]
aweee. HanKyung is such a good/sweet leader !
He went to help his other member who fell in the water, yet
he got more injured than the one in the water ! Hope he recovers soon.
Wonder who that member was.

* ) what is happening with them? Jinx is running after them.. oooh noooo!!


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Anonymous said...

Such a cute Han Geng. Anytime he take the responsibility of team leader. Nice guy ,though.