Monday, May 19, 2008

Gigi Lai attended the Telford Shopping Plazao to help raise money for the Sichuan earthquake relief

Gigi Lai get’s emotional while fund-raising for the earthquake relief

Gigi Lai attended the Telford Shopping Plaza for the event “震動人心全城緊急救援大行動” to help raise money for the Sichuan earthquake relief. Ever since Gigi had become an Christian she has been heavily involved in charity work. Also due to often working in Mainland China Gigi feel’s very concerned about the earthquake victims. While on stage Gigi became emotionally teary and said “ Since the Sichuan earthquake I have been emotionally influenced by the Hong Kong citizens who have been helping to fund raise for the victims of the earthquake. It will take along time to rebuild their buildings but I hope that people will continue to help them and not forget about them in the long run”. Gigi expressed that she had been to Sichuan a year ago for a store opening. She misses the fresh relaxing atmosphere and the food variety. Her friends who live in Sichuan have been in contact with her and are safe and well.

Originally Gigi was planning to visit Guizhou but due to the earthquake she has decided to rearrange her schedule. “I am very worried about the conditions in Guizhou because it is very near Sichuan. Also the telecommunication services there have been affected making it difficult to know what the current situation is”.

Source: Mingpao

* eSeong Network User reviews *

* ) wow she's still so pretty even after being so stressed out. God bless Sichuan, i feel for the people who've been through the earthquake.

* ) its so kind of her to step forward to help raise funds...even when she announce that she is taking a long break this year

* ) Yes the earthquake is such a terrible disaster. I was looking at these news and photos and found it extremely sad. One of the worst things that can happen to a parent is watching their child die. I hope more people will help out the earthquake.

* ) aw that's so kind of her to do so much for the earthquake relief..those people really need help right now and she's really doing what she needs to do.

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