Monday, May 19, 2008

Matthew Ko, Stephen Huynh, Benjamin Yuen and Koni Lui attended the Mr Hong Kong 2008

Koni Lui encourages her male model friend to apply for Mr Hong Kong

Matthew Ko, Stephen Huynh, Benjamin Yuen and Koni Lui attended the Mr Hong Kong 2008 promotional media event at a shopping mall yesterday to encourage the public to apply. Also they asked the passer-by’s to donate money for the Sichuan earthquake relief appeal. Koni claimed that she saw her friend who’s a male model at the shopping mall and encouraged him to apply giving him an application form. When asked whether she encouraged her rumoured model boyfriend to apply? Koni smiles “ I have asked all my friends to apply”. (Have they applied yet?) “I’m not sure”. Asked whether she can accept her friend wearing swim trunk’s on stage? “ That’s abit early to comment, most important is that they have sent back the form first”.

Recently one of the new Miss Hong Kong contestants 3. Edelweiss Cheung Shu Nga had a lot of negative gossip news such as being reported smoking and clubbing a lot, giving a bad girl impression. Koni replies “ It’s like that every year, I had negative news about having plastic surgery”.
Matthew Ko states that this year the contest will allow oversea contestants to apply and he will encourage his friends to apply. Stephen Huynh also claimed that one of his handsome male fan’s asked him for advice as he is going to apply.

Matthew has been considered for being the most outstanding Mr Hong Kong winner in the industry. He says “ Probably because I’m the first season’s winner and it also depends on timing. Perhaps this years and next will be better”. Asked if Matthew will continue to promote Mr Hong Kong in 10 years times? “I used to work in an electrical store selling computers. When I won the title of Mr Hong Kong I thought I was on top of the world and everything fame, money etc would be over night. However I know I was childish back then and now I know things don’t come for free. You have to work hard to earn those things.
Stephen Huynh confirms that he will not ask his Older brother to apply because he is senior manager for an company that can help him find work.

Source: Mingpao, Oriental Daily

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* ) >_> mr hong kong is something new these few years...(unlike miss hong kong contest which had 35 years of history)

the show itself is just like a male beauty show/a copy of the miss hong kong contest...but in this edition.. showing off muscles and catwalking..
its even more weird when the tvb management only allowed female audiences and judges in the studio where the contest is being held..

i find it quite disgusting for men especially for those musclar ones with lots of oil applied on their body to cat walk in underwears and swimwears in that contest...
(i noticed some of the contestants from the year 2007 contest even had shaved armpit and leg hairs )

it looks like a zoo with many muscular and handsome males in the centre of the stage showing off an animal show performing their talents such as martial arts,yoga,magic tricks and singing..and then the female audiences were yelling on top of their lungs if they had never seen men before..

i dont know how these mens feel when they are on stage..cos most of the time, i think men should have more sense of pride,honor and "face" when compared to women...

last year's mr hongkong contest received more than 500 phone call complaints.. i hope that they change the contents and the way to conduct the contest this year^^...

* ) is Stephen Huynh and Benjamin Yuen brothers, they have some simalarities. they are the winner for the second season rite? to bad 1st season runners-up rocky wasn't there.

* ) I don't know much about Mr. HK competition. I had only watched it once and the people who were judging them were singers and famous celebrities. I didn't like the way they were conducted. For Miss HK you have so many hurdles to get through, ie beauty, intelligence , talents etc, but I am not convinced Mr. HK was conducted in a fair way like they have done for Miss HK.

* ) I agree about Matthew being the best Mr. Hong Kong winner, there's just something about him. Probably because of his charm and talent. When he chose to play piano instead of weight lifting/other physical things, he won a lot of female hearts xD

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