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Gillian Chung Secret Training

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Source: Oriental Daily

Gillian Chung Secretly Training to make a comeback; spotted looking slim and hardly eating

Since the sex scandal Gillian Chung has rarely been seen in public. It turns out that she had been preparing to make an comeback and had been secretly practising dance routines, learning martial arts and English. A reporter spotted her presence in a dance studio yesterday and she had been practising a dance routine for over 9 hours. Gillian seemed to have lost a lot of weight and looked pretty.

It ‘s almost 4 months since the scandal happened. Last month Gillian was spotted in Hong Kong Central with her friend nicknamed (Aunt) in a furniture store. However Charlene Choi had been appearing at Twin’s functions alone. Gossip newspapers used this to target Gillian by saying she was lazy and slacking work. But Gillian has proved them all wrong as she was spotted secretly training very hard to relaunch her career.

There is a trend for dancing and it’s not entirely sure whether Gillian will use “Dancing” to make a comeback. Yesterday she appeared without any make-up and had been at the dance studio rehearsing from 10am to 7pm. She hardly ate during that time and was only seen eating some bread.

During rehearsing she was very serious and looked very confident, occasionally giving a smile. She also sweated a lot and ended up putting her long hair in a bun. She did appear to have lost weight around her face from her last public appearance. Gillian went straight home after training.

Gillian’s management Mani responds to the media. She says that Gillian’s current lifestyle is going to bed early and waking up early, very organized and well. Mani also explained Gillian’s training schedule “Gillian trains her dancing every week for 5 days. She is currently learning 3 types of dance and during the evening she practises singing. She also takes 2 English lessons every week as a foreign English tutor will visit her house for 2 hours. Not only that, Gillian also has 2 days of Martial Art training”.

Mani declares that she had never mentioned of Gillian leaving the industry and that Gillian had always been in Hong Kong secretly training hard. Since reporters have spotted the whereabouts of Gillian’s dance studio, Mani doesn’t hesitate to send Gillian to a different location. Mani emphasizes with the media of caring for Gillian’s recent news but she is worried that the details released about Gillian’s whereabouts will cause the paparazzi to go after her. This will affect Gillian deeply and she will be unable to continue training hard.
Finally the reporter asked why Gillian had become so slim? Mani replies “ Let's just say she is very positive and training extremely hard for a comeback. I hope everyone will encourage and support her, while giving her space".

* eSeong Network User ReviewS *

* ) Hopefully she'll be back soon! and as for Edison, I hope he gets banished to hell!

* ) It will be hard for her to come back, ya? Although i do wish her all the best for her career but scandals like these are hard to erase, especially in a chinese society.

* ) whoaa Gillian Chung makes a comeback! I'm very happy to see her still interested in the entertainment industry. She has overcome so many obstacles and yet stays strong

* ) I feel sorry 4 Charlene these cpl of months dealing w/ all Gill's gossip.
I wonder if Gill is still pissed @ Edison?
Twins R aweful dancers, it's good that she's learning dancing... Charlene shld work on it too.

* ) i feel that its unfair that she is doing all this trainin to make a comeback while all this time ahsa has been copin with the media for gillian's scandal....and hey! do you see how busy charlene is with her upcomin films, and singin and facing the she doesnt have the time to practice dancin..

* ) Finally some news on ah Gill. I really miss her!! But I'm super glad she's doing well. Its good that she's getting some training done. Ah Gill has always been very hardworking.

* ) SUPPORT! She'll come back stronger than ever, and TWINS WILL REUNITE!

* ) i do not think that gillian can make it back into the industry anymore... remember once when she appear on tv for a charity show, she was complained by the viewers

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