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SNSD are “Sorry” for parodying Shinhwa’s Jun Jin

SNSD was forced to apologize in person to Shinhwa’s Jun Jin, who is busy promoting his first solo album.

On Melon’s DMB radio that aired May 14, SNSD disrespectfully labeled Jun Jin has ‘Justin Jinberlake’ (they probably thought they were so clever) and did a ridiculous imitation of Jun Jin’s power-punch dance to his title song “Wa”.

Afterward, the Shinhwa fans who watched this radio broadcast were furious, leaving remarks on message boards of Melon radio and SM Entertainment, saying “Isn’t it disrespectful to make fun of a senior singer?”

On May 22, SNSD made a formal, sincere apology in person to Jun Jin, who was waiting in his dressing room before his performance on Mnet M! Countdown.

Jun Jin’s management company, Open World Entertainment, revealed this incident on their homepage on May 22, asking for the fans’ understanding. (Wow, the power of SM – at least they delayed this news from reaching fans until SNSD got a chance to apologize).

According to Open World Entertainment, after reading the comments left by fans, a representative from Open World contacted SNSD’s manager at SM Entertainment, expressing his displeasure and requesting an apology. SM Entertainment’s representative explained that SNSD was only following the radio script and did not deliberately humiliate their senior singer, Jun Jin. Open World confirmed that SNSD met Jun Jin in his dressing room and made a formal apology.

SNSD left a message on Shinhwa’s site, saying that they were very apologetic and that they can’t ask for Shinhwa fans to love them, but to at least forgive them. In return, one fan replied, “ I hope you watch your mouth in the future. You [SNSD] still didn’t apologize for saying that Shin Hye Sung’s voice was like that of a goat. I hope this doesn’t occur again. Because SNSD apologized, I think I’ll be able to close my eyes just this once.” (By the way, Hye Sung’s much acclaimed vocals are amazingly sweet).

Source of the news: My Daily, Daum
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* ) sheesh. snsd are getting lots of negative news recently sweat.gif
as a fan of them, i feel pretty upset with all these news,esp tiffany.

really hope to see some better news.

* ) I agree with the fans because I am a Shinhwa fan & reading about the news sorta irk me. SNSD really need to know their roles & watch their mouths.
Honestly after reading it I am very irked by it so I'm gonna totally speak my mouth on this.
SNSD need to seriously think before they speak. Just because they are currently the "it" female group does not mean sh.t. Shinhwa is LEGENDARY!!. Even Dong Bang Shi Ki doesn't disrespect them.
So who the hell do SNSD think they are? I can't believe they said that about Hye Sung. Show some respect you stupid girls. Sorry if SNSD fans feel offended but us Shinwha fans feel just offended by SNSD comments.

I totally agree with the poster that said they are a bunch of idiotic girls...because that is so TRUE.

Learn some respect before you start talking....

* ) WHAT????? excuse me??? omg they deserve every single bit of bashing for being SO disrespectful. you DO NOT make fun of hye sung's voice, EVER! dry.gif

theyve been getting so many negative news lately, wonder if its jst SM's plan to boost their popularity, but man this is ridiculous. im not a real big fan of Shinhwa but the moment they touch Shinhwa the moment they dig their own friggin grave.

i wanna see how the ditsy tiffany messed up

* ) south korean girls fans are just to crazy and a bunch of no life... lol get furious over little things...

* ) This isn't the first time SNSD are caught in displaying disrespectful manners to their seniors. Jokes are fine but they should really consider what is appropriate and what not. I understand why Shinhwa fans are offended and an apology is definitely needed from SNSD. As someone stated before not even the great DBSK disrespects Shinhwa due to their breakthrough success.

& Describing Hye Sung's voice like a goat is plain rude. I can't believe they used such description to describe Shinhwa's lead vocal. Hye Sung's voice is wonderful and shows much more profession then all of the SNSD girls combined.

SM needs to train their stars better than this.

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