Friday, May 30, 2008

Hong Kong in 2008 spring auction and charity dinner

Han Andean state of Hong Kong in 2008 spring auction and charity dinner in the evening to be held at the auction and dinner half of the proceeds will be donated to earthquake victims in Sichuan and smile action Hangzhou Hospital. Last night to attend were the LIU Qing-yun, Guo NG Ming (Amy), to Huaqiang and his wife, smiling Action Fund vice chairman of China's Zhao Xue Yun had, smiling Action Fund Chairman of China's Zhong Yi Jie and Chen Ran, such as jazz. Zhong Yi-Sir donated his painting more paintings auction, the auction of other goods are men's watches, Shanghai licensing rose gold diamond Tourbillon lady's watch, and so on.

Qingyun from last night to support the charity, not his own collection. Turning to the earthquake in Sichuan, he refers to rebuild their homes in a good long time, hope that we can donate money to help victims. He did not come across the earthquake, but his wife Amy in Los Angeles before studying at, but the experience over the case of five earthquakes, are on the court, she was very sudden shocks, as horror film as the content, school teachers and students are Immediately fled, the near collapse of the ceiling are. She later returned to the ground again that there are aftershocks, even school also Chun-down, really amazing. Wu Zhenyu will father, as a friend of the Albatron have to congratulate him, before he saw Zhenyu good feel happy. Asked to do when his father, Qingyun said frankly that they did not choose this path, a happy choice of the road. However, he admitted Sichuan have thought about adoption of orphans, but I do not know what to do, so we can not hold a child back.

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