Friday, May 30, 2008

Publishing New Song For the disaster relief purposes

Miriam Yeung and Ren Xianqi not in Hong Kong because of a few days ago, failed and Andy Lau, Zheng Xiuwen, such as East Asia's disaster relief for the singer-song "Friends! You never forget the day a "recording studio yesterday to two recordings. Hua Gang from the original 1000 U.S. concert tour will return to Hong Kong to complete, still a little jet lag, when a recording Piaopiao Ran. Hua Xiao Qi and after 1000 will be rushed to Chengdu to attend the Disaster Relief May 30 evening, Xiaoqi that will be working on this song, on June 2 will be downloading proceeds will be donated to disaster relief purposes.

Because of dawn to rush production of the Disaster Relief songs live, so will the boss Lin Yue by the private plane to Chengdu to attend evening. 1000 Hua said that I do not know what his plane ride, but that may take Xiaoqi owner of the aircraft, because the existing flights to Chengdu, the tensions are a good day, only one aircraft to fly the Chengdu, so if they are able to deal with, Do not want to increase the burden on other people, cause trouble.

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