Monday, May 12, 2008

Jang Dong Gun Low Budget Movies

Jang Dong Gun recently revealed in an entertainment program segment that he’d taken a minimum fee for acting in art-house director Kim Ki-duk’s The Coast Guard in 2002. At the time (and now too) Jang commanded top dollar — several million dollars per film — but gave it up because he felt it was part of an actor’s job to appear in such films (as in, lower-budget, artistic focus).

source: newsen
translations: dramabeans

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* ) I think he's a great actor, although I have not yet seen that movie, The Coast Guard. But it's really great that he chooses the content of the movie over the money.
Anyone know if he's going to be in any new movies? The last film I saw him in was the chinese movie, The Promise. I liked it a lot.

* ) he's filming this american movie laundry warrior

* ) Just because a movie is low-budget doesn't make it a good movie. You can make crap low-budget films also.

This guy just wants to look all cool with the in-crowd these days, the ones who think independent low costing movies are all the craze.

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1minutefilmreview said...

Even with that minimum fee, his acting was good in 'Coast Guard'