Monday, May 12, 2008

Disloyal is Horrible ?

Lydia Shum’s beloved daughter Joyce Cheng is suffering from all the tabloid stories. Lately, she allegedly has fallen out with her teacher Liu Jia-Chang (劉家昌) and Joyce’s career is now in the hands of Florence Chen (陳淑芬). There are reports that Joyce barged into Jia-Chang’s house and sobbingly demanded to terminate her contract. Yesterday, Joyce denied the stories again and scolded at the horrible descriptions. Yesterday, Joyce was accompanied by Florence’s son, Jia-Ho, for the “星光熠熠耀保良” rehearsal at the Hong Kong Coliseum. Joyce reiterated that Florence, Jia-Chang and she have an understanding with each other. Their relationships are fine. Her teacher, Jia-Chang is not as petty as the newspapers have portrayed him. Joyce scolded that the reports of her barging into Jia-Chang’s house as horrible. Joyce said: “They say that I am a disloyal and traitorous person. Those words are nasty.” She emphasized: “Teacher (Jia-Chang) signed me. I can’t help him financially and he has a lot of businesses. I am an insignificant person. He is a good friend of my late mom and he is preparing and cultivating my voice.”

Yesterday, Joyce sang some of Lydia’s song in “Flower Palace (麗花皇宮)” at the event. The screen showed Lydia’s performances. Joyce admitted that she feels the pressure and luckily have viewed the footage beforehand so she won’t become emotional. Today is Mother’s Day and she will be dining with all her aunts. She participated in a charity walk earlier in the morning.

source: mingpao
Translations: asian gossip

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* ) when you have so much money, everythings going to be scrutinized and storys will come out of every single angle... i guess it's something she has to learn to deal with

* ) wouldnt be hard to believe if the reports were true because she is still young so they r rebellious n ignorant which is just normal at that age esp. if they are more ABC

* ) ohmygoshhh so sad for Joyce. She lost her beloved mother and now she has to cope life without her. Go Joyce!

* ) if she can really sing that be good!! hope she is not another celebrity kid who just want the easy way of entering the entertainment circle

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