Thursday, May 15, 2008

Joey hints Isabella as a "traitor"

Joey celebrates her birthday early

During an interview with Joey yesterday, she commented that Isabella should stay in the asian market, where at least some people know her. By going international, Joey heavily hinted that Isabella was being shallow and a "traitor" to her own ancestory.

Wearing a uniform to attend the "Ronald McDonald House" function, Joey was surrounded by reporters and bombarded with questions about Isabella's recent speculations.

(What do you think of Isabella when she rejected Hong Kong reporters with an interview about "The Mummy 3"?)

"You guys (reporters) should speak english and pretend to be foreign media haha!"

(Do you think she went over the line?)

"No comment"

(She's only a minor character)

"Really? haha"

(If you ever entered hollywood, will you ignore us like Isabella did?)

"I would only extend myself through asia. I am asian, there are a lot of asians, I am happy to be here. Although I must say sometimes fate will lead me anywhere, I cannot be sure."

During the function, fans all rushed to donate in order to support Joey, and the fans club produced a gigantic cake to pre-celebrate Joey's 28th birthday, which will be on June the 16th. When it came to the candles, the situation became humourous because Joey cannot possible blow out all those candles.

"Haha is this a mischief? There's like saliva all over the cake after I blow like 20 times"

Joey will be in Hong Kong during her birthday, and she was excited EEG arranged her to do an advertisment in Japan just before so she can shop to her heart. When asked if should would celebrate her birthday with rumour boyfriend Meter chan, Joey expressed, "I don't know! I have a lot of other good friends haha". Joey also revealed that there will be a birthday party, and people like Charlene Choi will be invited. She also hope that presents from fans can be cashed instead for charity purposes.

Credits: Oriental Daily
Translated: Dengero @ Joeygalaxy

* eSeong Network User Reviews *

* ) What gives Joey the right to call Isabella a "traitor to her own ancestry" by going international? A lot of asian stars went international, i.e. Chow Yun Fat, Michelle Yeoh, Jet Li, Jackie Chan, etc. Even Rain and Se7en and Utada went/are going international. If Joey wanted to call Isabella a "traitor," it should be because of the EEG contract lawsuit, not because she went international.

I thought Isabella rejected the interview with the HK media because they were going to ask her questions about her private life (like her rumored relationship with that Li guy).

* ) this women is really something, traitor for going oversea than wat is people like jacky chan biggest traitor ever, alway making stupid movie. all i see her is being unable to go oversea herself. yea just stay in ur own country there is the only place she belong

* ) Well, everybody knows why she rejected the interview for Mummy 3. Who is interested with her minor role anyway? She will most probably get question about her Contract and her Rumored relationship with Super rich son, Richard Li.

Come to your senses Joey, if you are courted by Super Rich and offered Hollywood contract, what would you do? Reject everything and stay to your current position and be loyal?

* ) i guess Joey doesn't want to be known worldwide. the only reason she's saying that is because she's a talentless hack who can't move her fame outside of HK herself. at least that minor role for Isabella would help her career more internationally than being stuck doing stupid pretend-to-be-good conservative crap that Joey is doing. she's just as naive and snobby as many HK exclusive celebrities who rather be on top in a market and do the same BS all the time rather then going out and trying to do something with their career.

* ) Based on that article, i think the person who wrote it put a bit of bias into it. Joey didn't mention the word traitor.. nor did she allude to it. She just answered the reporters' question about her view on further career development internationally! And Joey Yung doesn't have limited talent at all. If she was, she wouldn't have such a big career as she does now. If anyone here can sing a tad as good as she does, ill chop of my head for you to sit on LOL! ......

Its kinda like saying, if you were the top of ur class in maths, that doesn't mean ur gonna top ur science class. So who in the world would choose to transfer to science in that circumstances? Think about it.

* ) I don't think Joey should've said what she said in the article. But Maybe the report is somehow twisted for controversy. I don't really believe that Joey would say such a thing. It's really none of Joey's business whether Isabella wants to get into Hollywood or not.
"Traitor to the Ancestory" that's a weird comment coz pretty much everyone's trying to get into Hollywood these days. Eg. Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Andy Lau, Michelle Yeoh, Zhang Ziyi

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