Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Eric Tsang Lin Min Cong purpose of creating a "laugh-dong ditch"

Lin Min Cong and Eric Tsang had previously launched album art, have been together the art of television programmes. They separated for many years, will again co-operation and bring people happiness. They will on July 15 Trade and Exhibition Centre in Kowloon Bay held six "laugh-dong ditch", the earlier a more refined form to a poster of the shooting, another later than the shock of the posters will also be introduced.

They engage in this show's aim is hoped that the audience can laugh from admission to the dispersal, in fact, the two began in the 1990s has been one of the certificates fans, the fans to show their long-awaited. Recent Lin Min Cong and Eric Tsang also reserve a number of new viewers, in order to meet the tastes of the audience in two, in this show in the near future will also be entertainment Xiaoliao to join. For this show the duo have put a lot of effort, is now actively preparing for them, and strive to find subjects. They are also the first to notice when there will be performances heavyweight guests, but on the big sell-clearance Who refused to disclose this, the only people that will be an uproar.

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