Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Joey Yung group of cattle fans donate money Disaster Relief

Joey Yung yesterday at the "Ronald McDonald House Charities Fund Day", at Zuer more impromptu public donations to the onlookers, her fans and the kids have their support, including one female fans also donated 500 yuan. The General Assembly yesterday also sent birthday cake, I wish to Zuer June 16 birthday. The earthquake occurred in Sichuan, heavy casualties. Zuer are taking the lead in the five figure donation to the victims, but also appeal to all fans this year not to send birthday gift to her, but would rather donate money to the earthquake victims.

Wishing Chuila Zhu

Zuer yesterday have Chuila Zhu Wishing on the spot, but the candles are blown out many times not. Zuer all can not help but laugh: "I am of the microphone Tricky Brains! Into a cake all of my Li saliva." She said birthday is on the same day in Hong Kong, the coincidence birthday a few days ago to go to Japan will make ads, then Will stay on the ground. She Xiaoyan companies may not let her take so many leave, so they deliberately arranged. She asked her boyfriend's sex scandal, Chen Teng will peer » She Xiaoyan do not know. The man alleged to have new Huan, Zuer fact that his friends have many, many friends also Shuluo, not necessarily his. Birthday wishes would like to find a boyfriend? » She Xiaoyan may find it tomorrow, are Suiyuan.

Urged not to send gifts

Turning to the major earthquake in Sichuan, Zu Er said that the occurrence of such a sudden natural disaster, may have been related to climate change, so we should cherish nature. Zuer that many people may think that this matter has nothing to do with their own, but now the weather has become so hot, she should not feel that there was no need to open air-conditioned, as have a direct impact on the climate. Asked whether it will donate money to Zuer » She said that she would donate five figures to the victims, but also to see if what can help. She also said that the fans have not sent birthday gift, would prefer more practical donated to those in need, this is a good opportunity donated to victims, or donate some clothing to the victims can.

Not Hollywood

In addition, Luo Shih Liang refers to the United States will be coming out in the new film press conference, but refused to accept the Hong Kong media. Zuer says with a laugh: "You Die Link speaks English test threatened a Wude, the role of foreign journalists La! (Drainage speak Chinese, why should yield to the Drainage») You Mi to ask Ye! Do not know! When the first operator to , To see the environment. "Asked her to think big Liang Shi Xi Luo Chao?» She said frankly that no opinion. -- Accusing her of the future have the opportunity to Hollywood, do not like Liang Shih as Luo. Zuerxiaowei believe that it is difficult to Hollywood, their goals in Asia to have good development will be sufficient. She feels that in the Greater China market made a world, have good fun, feel that this more Lak.

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