Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Moses bought diamond ring

moses buys diamond ring to propose to bernice?!!
Saturday, May 3, 2008
Credit: MC3@http://iheartmobernice.blogspot.com/

Oriental Sunday Issue 524...
scans credits to hui @ funglinda.cn/bbs

reporter said in the jewelry store moses was first looking at diamond rings and then when he saw a lot of people watching he then switched to look at jades... and then he went to the supermarket and bought lamb chops and white wine... reporters said he was going to prepare a candle light dinner...

bernice's responds to rumors when attending a VOIR function in malaysia...

bernice said she just arrived in malaysia and didn't see the report... she said she will see it as a happy entertainment news... she will find out if it's true when she returns to hong kong (there's only one news article that wrote this so i don't know if she said it or the reporters just wrote it)... reporters asked her if moses really proposes will she say yes, bernice just said, "wa" and asked reporters to ask questions about the function...

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* ) Mother's day is coming up..maybe getting something for his mother but was misunderstood?

Lolx, and i don't think his relationship with Bernice is really confirmed or out in the open. Cause from other news reports , they have been denying the relationship..I think either the magazine made the conversation with Bernice up , or they heard wrongly..

* ) Lol..yeah maybe it was for Mothers' Day, but perhaps Moses got too sensitive and didn't want the reporters to get wrong ideas (as usual), like this article. Personally, I don't think they've dated (if they're really dating) long enough to get married. I'm not saying that they have to date for a very long time and I know I'm in no position to 'decide' when is long enough, but for me, it seems like they can date longer to get to know each other better. Marriage if for life, and especially for artistes, if they do get married, it'd better last! haha

* ) I agree, because Moses love his Mum. He probably wanna get his mum some jewelery. Geez these reporters are pathetic anything for a story.

I don't think Moses and Bernice are together. Its years now.. they've been denying it. They only work together. I've already gotten over their rumour.

* ) i think that moses and bernice look cute together too. i dont think his mother wear diamond rings?? it's kinda weird.. to me to buy mother's diamond rings... hahah. but i think the reporters might be just making a molehill outta ntg.. as they mostly do..

* ) I think Moses is just getting something for his mom...everybody knows Moses loves his mom to death and mother's day is coming up... the reporters should really leave him and bernice alone!!

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