Saturday, May 24, 2008

Myolie Wu don wan take sexy shots

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Source: Takungpao

Myolie Wu will not take sexy shots with Bosco Wong

Myolie Wu, Bernice Liu, Vincy Chan, Kenny Kwan and Rain Li etc attended a woman’s magazine anniversary party yesterday. Bernice and Myolie both won the Magazine cover award. Myolie happily states that she had brought the issue of her being on the front cover for value memories so that it will be easy for her future children and grand-children to appreciate.
She also stated that she had been discussing with rumoured boyfriend Bosco wong about the photograph expressions and hope’s that she can appear more beautiful in future shots. However Myolie expressed that Bosco would never compliment her as beautiful.
Asked whether Myolie would ever do sexy shots with Bosco Wong for a magazine cover? She speaks frankly that she would feel quite awkward therefore would prefer to be do solo shots.
She has always thought about taking sexy shots before having children or while pregnant because she feel’s that they would bring valuable memories.

“Strictly come dancing” fund-raising

Currently Myolie is busy filming “Burning Flame 3” and will also continue to go to Hunan for the “Strictly Come Dancing” show. Although it will be very tiring and hard work, she will do her best.
She hope’s to be able to fund-raise on the show and give the earthquake victims a better future.
Recently there have been fund-raising scams. Bernice had received a call from this scam and she appeals to the public to be very careful when donating.

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* ) Myolie looks so skinny nowadays. Like when she looks a bit chubbier. Bernice is looking hot with her tanned tone though.

Haha Myolie say she wont do sexy shots with Bosco but seems like they have no problem doing lovely-dovey shots with each others though. xD xD

* ) Bosco never complimented that she looked beautiful? Haha! He should. Cause she is!

* ) Aww Bosco is so mean, never telling Myolie she is beautiful lol.
What magazine cover did Myolie win the award for? Is is the east weekly one?

* ) I like the pink ^^ and Bernice is hot... she has a really healthy looking body (not too chubby, not too skinny

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