Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Two sets of suspended shooting drama

Two sets of suspended shooting drama

At 2:15, several hundred artistes and staff in the City of open space television gathered, ready to participate in silent tribute ceremony. Wireless high-level Chen Zhiyun, Lok Yi-ling and Vice-Chairman, Mr Norman Leung Nai-pang and so on the scene. "Tang good heart turmoil House Full Moon" and "pro-3 colleagues," the crew also suspended construction, actors are put on a dark shirt to participate in silence, yesterday afternoon to try and form the Xinju "new human network" (temporary ) All actors Guoxian Ni, the Chan, Sun Yaowei, and so on were also present. Other spontaneous moment of silence to the participation of the City TV artistes are Zhengshao Qiu, Miaoqiao Wei and Meng Jiahui, everybody was looked sad. Eric Tsang also arrived at the scene, but also distributed to the artists, with black hands.

During the silence, and Kwan Ju-Ying Meng Jiahui has been locked Meitou, the end could not help but cry out. Qiuguan the original and caps, will also take off the hat to show respect for the victims. After the ceremony, people immediately left and saw a hurry Mengjia Hui Bian Kubian feet away very sad. Later, she explained before because the report has been read, think of the TV screen, they can not help but cry. She is very strong hope that the victims can face, and feel that they are in Hong Kong, is really good happiness.

Ju-Ying Guan back to the dressing rooms, and other artistes of the silence of watching TV news, look of sadness. Ju-Aunt believe everyone will be sad, because it Haocan, in the face of these natural disasters, nothing can help, can only donate money. Although it started recently, attention has Fanwu Qi after the news, that there are still people buried in the rubble, really sad. She said that the disaster, she felt the impermanence of life, the relentless natural disasters, but human love, because people around the world to help.

Liaobi children in the quake occurred at the time of Japan, before she had the new book, all proceeds be donated to the Fund Fook David, she appealed to fans donate money. That victims are still trapped to survive seven days, is really very happy. Zheng Shaoqiu Zuozao aware of silence before the ceremony, they immediately rushed to attend, he said that the face of this natural disaster, who is not sad. Bumianbuxiu disaster relief people, we also strongly donations, but still not enough. 2007 earthquake in Taiwan should be resumed.

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