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New Series "Just Love II"

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Source: Mingpao

Yesterday Jessica Hsuan, Sunny Chan, Patrick Tang and Selena Li were at the costume fitting for TVB's new series "Just Love II". Patrick and Selena had love sparks when they filmed the series and have been a rumored couple for 4 years now, today the two both denied the all "first love series" rumors, but the two laughed at the dating rumors, Selena smiled sweetly. Patrick said: "the last series [Just Love] was from July-September 2004, I remember very clearly because at the time me and Marsha Yuan (原子鏸) did not break up yet, after filming finished we broke up." Patrick said that back then Selena was just a newcomer, he took on the role of a "senior" and gave her advice, Selena would often playfully pretend to be mad at him because of this, but he would ignore her. Speaking of Patrick because of filming this series, he got himself a rumored girlfriend, asked if he feels fortunate? Patrick smiles and said he will not talk about it, only admits that he is very fortunate that he met a good friend from this series. Today it is Patrick's birthday, he believes that he needs to film for "Cordial Heroes", speaking of this, what does rumored girlfriend Selena Li have to express? He said: "I really don't know, I actually brought "Six God Fitness" worth more than $1000 for myself, as for my birthday, I just want to spend it peacefully."

Selena Li was asked about the "first love series", she smiles sweetly: "there is no first love, we became friends after filming this series." Today is Patrick's birthday, its a big day, she expressed that she will buy a gift for her rumored boyfriend. Speaking of the two will be getting married in the series, Selena hopes that the director will arrange a Disney Fantasy wedding, asked if she hopes the same in real life? She said: "I do hope so (But Patrick hopes to keep it simple?) That is none of my business."

Sunny Chan talking about baby care, cannot stop
Also Sunny Chan expresses that in 1998 when he filmed "Secret of the Heart", he met Jessica Hsuan, earlier he was at home looking back at their pictures together. Speaking of in the series Jessica and him has a 3 year old son, he excitedly said: "I will bring my 'teaching kids' experience into the set, including Three Character Classic and the history of China, hope that this time can actually use my 'teaching kids' experience into acting for once." Once the topic of taking care of children came up, Sunny was unable to stop talking, he said that he does want to have a baby. He said: "of course I want to, it is the time to be a father, hope to have one baby after another, my wife wants to too." As Jessica has known Sunny for 10 years, she said that just a blink of an eye so much time has passed, she expresses that because Lo Hoi Pan went to ATV, so there won't be a father-in-law role, causing Jessica to be very disappointed because the script explained how his character passed away. Speaking of Sunny expressing the next time they collaborate, she may have already gotten married, she said: "I also hope to."

* eSeong Network User Reviews *

* ) hrmm.. the prequel didn't seem that big to make a sequel. how high were the ratings?

* ) hope this is good. I just dont 'know y tvb keep making sequel, they could just make another movie for jessica. I am kinda tire of sequel, every movie now seems like a sequel or will have a sequel. Is TVB running out of ideas, beware, ATV will attack.

* ) love the 1st one wow this sequel was totally unexpected .... but hey why people here are not happy with it... Jessica and Sunny is back again with another TVB serie we should be very happy about it... since TVB are lacking veteran actors and actress.

* ) Its very interesting and I can't wait to watch it the costume looks really cuteee!! I couldn't even recongize Sunny!!

* ) I really want to see Sunny and Jessica to act together again, but just not as a sequel for JL. I think another story would be better.
And Sunny look good with the image up there, he look smarter than the part 1. LOL

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