Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Rain vs. Stephen Colbert

After all the taunting from Stephen Colbert, Rain magically appears (on The Colbert Report) and they both engage in a serious dance-off.

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* ) so they're friends anyway! It's nice to know that!

* ) I love Colbert! I love Rain! Best thing I've seen today! Hahahaha at the "dance off" hahaha!

* ) me thinks this video is trying to pull-off something like **I'm F*cking Matt Damon**.. original is still the funniest

Rain SERIOUSLY has to get a new hairstylist!!

* ) So Stephen being the head of Rain Haters is what? a joke?.. anyways, whatever good to see them both! and as usual Rain is freaking hot dancer.

* ) Omg i just cracked up when Stephen said the first "Rain.." LOL He's almost got as good moves as Rain there xD

Rain needs a better hairstyle, that long hair sh*t is SOOOOOO old F4 tongue.gif Even if he does need to keep it for a movie, the way it's styled does not exude masculinity, i mean a small bunch at the back of the head?... wink.gif

Nice to see Stephen taking such an intedrest in Rain, but i'm pretty sure most the audience don't really know who he is, since i saw the clip where the spoof MV was done, in one small moment he cracked some smart comment about Rain and there wasn't alot of reaction from the audience. Not just some random smart comment that can be used for anyone only those who actaully knew who Rain was. Not sure if anyone knows what i'm talking about. ah wells u can easily search for it on YT.

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