Thursday, May 08, 2008

Oguri on live radio

Oguri acknowledges relationship on live radio
Thu, May 8, 2008 (2:09am EDT)

On Wednesday night, Shun Oguri openly admitted during his live radio show on "All Night Nippon" that he is currently dating Yu Yamada. News of their relationship had surfaced just one day earlier.

While most popular young celebrities generally refrain from acknowledging their romances, Oguri proudly declared Yamada to be his "very precious girlfriend." He even mentioned that he was so excited to appear on the front page of a newspaper that he picked up ten copies.

Yamada's agency has also acknowledged that the two are seeing each other, and Yamada herself reportedly confirmed it as well. Oguri's management, on the other hand, opted not to comment.

source: tokyograph

* eSeong Network USer Reviews *

* ) Wow, he's very open about it. That's cool... and cute too, especially the "very precious girlfriend" and picking up 10 copies of the newspaper part laugh.gif I must admit, I'm jealous, but it's okay; I'm glad Shun's happy

* ) awww, if i were her i would be so proud of Shun! ^^ so open, not like most people who have underground relationship and even denied having any relationship with each other!

* ) That's so sweet of Oguri telling everybody their relationship. =)

* ) i hate to sound like a fangirl, but....NOOOOO.
I'm happy that he's happy...since he's always working...
He is so cool about his relationship though.
I was so curious of whether the rumor was true or not,
and I knew he would confirm it if it was true.
And surely, just one day later, he confirms it.
He's such a man [=
I guess I'll be the only one waiting for their breakup

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