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Kung Fu Dunk 2

Jay Chou and Andy Lau in Kung Fu Dunk 2

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May 8th, 2008, China

Kung Fu Dunk which was aired during spring of 2008 brought about a big swept at the movie box office and the investor has decided to do a sequel to it, Kung Dunk 2

According to Southeast Morning Paper, it was reported that Jay Chou, who has gotten into directing movies, will collaborate with Director Andrew Lau in Kung Fu Dunk 2. This will be Jay Chou's second self-directed movie after 'Secret'.

On the other hand, Andy Lau will join the cast, however, the role has not yet been determined but it was reported that Andy will play an important role in the sequel. It was also reported that the roles of Jay's four master in Kung Fu Dunk has been neglected and their appearance on-screen has been significantly cut due to time constraint. It was reported that in the sequel, the 4 master's cast will remained unchanged and more emphasis will be given to each of their roles. Their on-screen appearance will also be increased.

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* ) Initial E, yours is more professionally written and very clear:) This is a good one. I got it from my friend who helped me translate from Jay2u news..cos' i can't really read Chinese. U r but sad to know that Jay will not be the only main star...just wondering if their screen time is equal...anyways, it is still long way to go b4 we can see Jay on the big screen again.

btw, hv u gone into the CCTV online poll to cast ur vote for Jay?

* ) In the last movie, the 4 great masters played by Huang Bo, Ng Man Tat and the others were cheered by the audience, their strange kung fu combined with basketball moves were very fresh, but in reality the screen time of the 4 great masters was not just that little bit at the end, but due to time constraints they had to cut out a lot of good scenes, Huang Bo and the rest felt very helpless about it.

But according to disclosures, they will "make it up" to Huang Bo and the others in the new movie, the producers will greatly increase the screen time of the 4 great masters, they will become a bright spot of the film. Yesterday Huang Bo accepted a phone interview with reporters and expressed that he had already been in contact with the producers, but they haven't got to a definite stage yet.

In the last movie, Jay Chou was sponsored by Deerhui for all the sports gear and they will continue to collaborate with this movie, they will create new sports clothes for this movie. When reporters were interviewing Deerhui personnel they found out, the movie will have even more stars than the last one, besides Eric Tsang, Jay Chou won't be the only main star anymore, Andy Lau will be joining the movie, he will become a very important person.

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