Monday, May 26, 2008

Sammi Do not be perfect inclusive

East Asian singer Zheng Xiuwen (Sammi), Denise Ho, Ren Xianqi, Liu Hao Lung, and the farmer Wang Wan, Tsim Sha Tsui yesterday to attend the "show business-friendly action @ Harbour City 512", that is, in addition to their concerts And more involved in Fudai sale, Sammi-only sale of the fans while Yougen fund-raising picture, and the fans have enthusiastically donate money to idols photographs, many more donations End Zaijuan fans, including children-donated 1,000 yuan more good Paragraph. As Xiaoqi on the preparations for a private group of two sets of items including T-shirts, hats, bags arrived at the scene auction results to a total of 5,000 yuan traded, Xiaoqi more into "Baobao" to the mercy of the fans. Ashi also sponsors the candle at the bag, cap and all 100 cups, we are actively fund-raising for the victims in Sichuan. End Field before the public chorus of singers on the stage, followed by Sammi would step down and Ashi sale signature T-shirt.

Do not be perfect inclusive

Activities at the beginning, a number of fans have written on the cards for the victims of encouragement and blessing, Sammi wrote "Love is power, after the rain is fine," more Xiaoyan will fill their true age of 35-year-old. Sammi originally scheduled to leave yesterday with the group visited the Sichuan disaster area, but traffic problems should be extended to 28 before departure, so she immediately application to attend yesterday's activities. It is understood later with Sammi accompanied by Andy Lau, Joey Yung, Sammi most concerned about the current machine-related problems, which was assigned to the so-called urban Daomei. For Huazi leave before receiving psychological counselling, Sammi also need to agree with a certain degree of psychological adjustment, especially Nvzi soul particularly vulnerable and easy tears and fell into a sad and helpless feeling. She said: "To a certain extent my own eyes上好shallow, but the subjective desire is not too sad that the hopes and give victims a warm smile, a word we support each other, the male counterparts to firmly support female artist." For China Tsai mentioned that the disaster could not choked, Sammi think Huazi had good effort, if there is not done perfectly inclusive approach to be taken, then there should be no negative news.

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