Monday, May 26, 2008

Eric Tsang Leading All the Artist at Conference

Eric Tsang yesterday, led all artists, singers Huang Zongze, the Malaysian-ming, Wu Ting-yan, official Enna, and three fresh Gangjie Ruan Zhaoxiang, the Olympian City to attend the "Connaught and the public with the swearing-Conference" and called for The public enthusiastic contributions to earthquake victims in Sichuan Province, the scene of people with fund-raising, sale of T-shirts and hand-belt, attracting large number of people to contribute generously.

For disaster relief activities Manggebuting the Zhiwei, said many artists have asked him to contact the relevant matters. Gangjie itself involved in location filming Zhiwei, last night flew to the United States will join the group, he said: "28 to 30 of disaster relief activities I can not attend, because the time difference between miss come back." Referred to for many artists Participation in disaster relief activities, Zhiwei said: "Many artists have wanted to go to the mainland for help, but places are limited, because the Government does not want too many people to alone is 11, 12 artists will go to, and the Mainland Taiwan's artists, to people who can not stay in Hong Kong called for. "Will told the artist to the Mainland to bring the donor material, he said:" do not have to take, and now most in need of tents, the Mainland has stepped up production and save from the field Delivery time. "

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