Friday, May 02, 2008

Seven Figure Paid To Raymond Lam

Raymond expressed that he received a seven figure pay for being a spokesperson. He is very satisfied with this pay. The sponsor allowed him to pick any watch he liked. Would you wear a couple’s watch? Raymond admitted that he has never worn one and he doesn’t have a chance to do so. The reporter suggested that he can give one to Linda Chung. Raymond asked the reporter why he would give one to her. The reporter responded that he (Raymond) was in pursuit of her. Raymond gave a huge response when he heard it and said: “You’re crazy, are you not?” He effectively denied and dismissed the tabloid stories.

source: asiangossip

* eSeong Network User Reviews *

* ) they should pay him a 7 figure to not wear their watches.

* ) omg 7 figure sum. That is crazy! Although it's in HKD, that is still alot...but maybe not alot for people in the showbiz I guess. Plus, he's quite popular in HK, my friend said. But I'm so happy with his denial muahahaha. His huge response...maybe he was already tired of the reporters trying to fish info from him regarding his romance life? I was half hoping he'll say, "No, but maybe I'll ask my friends to buy a watch from here." Friends = Tavia, Bosco and Ron. LOL! My imagination.

* ) I'm glad Ray is finally getting the popularity and recognition since starting out in showbiz 8 years ago!. I can't believe that reporters would actually say something that isn't true!. Do they have any photographic evidence of him and Linda going out together apart from the ones where they're actually collaborating on HOG2. I'm not surprised Ray reacted this way!. I think if he and Linda were an item, he wouldn't deny it!

* ) that is some nice amount just for wearing some watches.

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