Thursday, May 01, 2008

Solbi Receive Ring From Andy

Andy from Shinhwa has apparently given a ring as a present to Solbi who plays his make-believe wife on popular MBC variety program “We Got Married”.

Through the program, Andy and Solbi has largely raised their profile in Korea and are currently enjoying a higher lease of popularity as compared to the past. And it’s largely due to Solbi who has made her role in their relationship really important thanks to her unbridled charisma. Andy wanted to thank Solbi on this account and decided to give her a ring as a present.

The production team for “We Got Married” expressed on 30th April that Andy had been in China in mid-April for his first solo concert. During that period, he had expressed, “To thank Solbi for her help, I got a ring for her.” The scene where Andy hands Solbi the ring was recently recorded on camera and will be shown on “We Got Married” in due time.

ND Entertainment expressed, “The ring gift is only to express his thanks to Solbi on the program, there’s no other meaning in that.”

Fans of Andy were already pretty incensed with the kissing scene between him and Solbi and now this. They remarked, “Of all presents, why a ring and not some other accessories like necklace, ear rings, etc?”, “Doesn’t he know what a ring symbolises?”, “Can the program end any sooner…”

But others defended Andy saying that it was only for the program and nothing else. Another added, “As long as Andy oppa is happy, we are contended.”

source: coolsmurf

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* ) awww, i think this is sweet!! ionno, when i was them on WGM, i think they're very cute together, and i actually wouldnt mind if they were together, b/c andy is of age where he should be thinking about marriage...

but this is a reality show, so fans shouldnt think too much about it.

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