Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Xiwai drama "Sweet Honey"

Sun Li and Tang Chao couples to file as the first performances of the works of "Sweet Honey," starting this month in Guangdong Satellite TV broadcast. Their two-person appearance this afternoon in Guangzhou propaganda film, Jushoutouzu are among the "Sweet Honey," Deng Chao was at the scene led the fans singing "Love such as air." Sun Li said that she had read the script and found that the emotional drama of two people is too sad, the outcome is too cruel, once Datuitanggu. As the reality of sweet lovers, she naturally hope that their love can the United States and the United States, also hope to use the opera's fairy tale-style touching love to the audience, so that life in the fast food era of people believe that true love exists.

They love success

Deng Chao and Sun Li as early as appear "like flowers, like happiness," has been cooperative, very understanding, and "Sweet Honey" is the real achievements of the two love. Sun Li admitted that "sweet" show that she and Deng Chao was more understanding between each other, sharing a lot more, be more realistic to express their feelings and views. Sun Li, for example, previous film "like flowers, like happiness", she was particularly embarrassed fight Deng Chao, but film "Sweet Honey", Deng Chao will be holding her hand to indicate their wish that "you can re-point play "Sun Li good to eliminate the concerns.

More treasure together

Deng Chao also very grateful to the "Sweet Honey" give them a chance the two of cooperation, he said: "whether we own as an actor, or on our private feelings, the play has special significance, although it is a Bitter drama of the situation. But because the show inside the 100 people love to return to 1000, Xiwai people have to treasure the time together. "Talked about film" Sweet "drama at the most impressive things, Tang recalled that the super - He attempted to Sun Li's bleeding scalp drama. Deng Chao said: "That really hurt her, and I do see her break the scalp are very distressed. Lv that hair, I was always on the Prestige." Deng Chao said that through his "sweet honey "He understood a lot, including how to love a person, how to protect your loved one.

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