Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Film suspend family planning

Wu Junru, Louis Koo, Zhengzhong Ji, director Gude Zhao, Ko Chi-sum and planning boss Huang Baiming yesterday attended the film "All's Well, Ends Well 2009" conference. The last two "All's Well, Ends Well" is 92 and 97 by the film, the sequel has Zaipai apart for more than 10 years.

Gude Zhao said, he was 91 to join, have had the opportunity to "92 things that Double Happiness" as playwright, yesterday's high Chi-sum pay "decision" to Gude Zhao, the implied meaning "Eternal Flame Legend has it." Gude Zhao also come up with a film of the 92 "home" big-picture, he said: "This is a homogeneous autographed by all actors, I brought this Yajing."

Wu Junru and Huangbai Ming-out with a torch, the implied meaning "home" films continue. Huangbai Ming said that before the call-jun such as the non-stop, she happened to the port, the performance is very difficult to find her, a good color she promised, or else the film has no shot. He said the original plan such as renewable-jun children, to shoot the film he called Jun-such as not to create people. Jun Xiao Yan to Huang Baiming companies such as meetings, he seemed to be charged as a Miyao, constantly asked if he Liang Jun Liang Zi not. She Xiaoyan Baiming so many years have not changed, she said: "Before Tongqu do his wife, Geng for so many years, this time I have to Geng, a good color Louis Koo, I promised to return."

And Peter Chan have reached a consensus

After the accident, said Jun-such as Louis Koo and indeed plays a speech, but not her request, the film will be about Huang Baiming pursuit of her. Huangbai Ming says with a laugh: "I will force her Geng me." Louis Koo and-jun said, as some affectionate drama-jun said that if there are, but there will be no film comedy too stimulated the affectionate drama, but for art. Jun-such as that do not have to do this "yellow-woman", playing the strong woman and writer. She said frankly that this is indeed hindered the growth plan, but prior discussion with Peter Chan too. If there Chuan-jun at the Sha Tin to buy a mansion Royal Yongsan Qianchi a flat-jun said that if the investment is purchased, not for self-occupation, she has always been attention to the property market and investment, buying stocks earlier also scored.

Huang Baiming 40 million investment

Huangbai Ming said that the 40 million investment in the film shoot, all actors will later Qiandao Lake viewfinder on the Mainland, there are still two actresses did not announce that he hoped to find Shu-Lan Chen and Mao Shunyun guest 3.10. As for Maggie Cheung and Chow will find performances » Huang Baiming said frankly that this a very difficult. Meanwhile, asked about the same film with Wong Kar-wai film "Ye ask," Shuangbao of trouble, he said today about other things. As for Luo Chuan Liang Oxfam in Hollywood propaganda "deep-sea search," he said she would also hope that the publicity for him.

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