Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Agni ambitious Ⅲ

"Agni ambitious Ⅲ" all the actors gathered at TV City yesterday to attend a worship ceremony plant, a number of actors appeared more uniform, the actors have to attend Wang, Zheng Jiaying, Huang Zongze, Xinger Hu and Chen Yan Mei, and so on . For "Chibi" film drama collision caused the fire out of control in one death and six others injured accident, everyone will make that play will not worry about the fire, yesterday united to pray for a smooth shooting.

Hu Xinger yesterday did not wear uniforms, because she plays in my civilian. Xinger in drama and Wang and Zheng Jiaying have feelings line. Play a number of fire-fighting scenes, Xinger said before Paiguo fire-fighting drama, really good heat, she hoped that when we all take a formal peace. For "Chibi" shooting to death, asked whether she worried about » She said no, we all worship for peace.

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