Thursday, June 05, 2008

The new film "wins dart" in the June 1

Dicky Cheung said that before shooting the new film "wins dart" in the June 1 Shake, so he can take the time to participate in the recent disaster relief activities. Yesterday to participate in recording, in addition to support disaster relief, and also support Fei Ma Xu Xiaoming. He said many years ago, Fei Ma has also helped him ride out the storm, when his net worth only several hundred yuan. Later friend Andy Hui Fei Ma introduced to his understanding, Fei Ma immediately make arrangements for his show, to help him solve the immediate need.

The recent disaster relief activities, he will support that the entry has not tried to work, do not ask the role of opponents and whether there is a type. But now a word that will take part in disaster relief, as he would later obligations shooting CCTV shot 20-Disaster Relief show, he do not know their roles and opponents, only know how to shoot a few days, will also be taken to the disaster areas, but unknown whether Into the hardest hit. Ciju will speak Zhenrenzhenshi, stressing the matter before and after the earthquake and relief work.

In addition, earlier ATV artistes were several visits to the disaster areas, but not ATV. When a sister of Zhang Wenci. Zhang Wenci frankly I do not know how to define who is starting to find, if this is the case, she really will be uncomfortable, but this is the charity, she would not want to have hard feeling, the most important thing is to help people, but she wants to Why not ask the company for her to go to, the most unhappy is not in the disaster areas to help people.

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