Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Jade send a cheque to his mother

Allen said that before attending the activity, and an earthquake in four students were rescued when a hero by phone, the calls are from the Mainland radio arrangement, the main hope he can give is to encourage victims. Allen refers to the hero of the matter, he felt that the great Chinese people is to be commended. He would like the opportunity if so, can be further contact with the victims, even if the phone conversation, can also help each other achieve results. Father's Day just past, when Allen was asked how to spend, on the performance of Biji, After questioning revealed that only received one card, while other elements refused to speak.

Guan Xinyan annual Father's Day, who is also the father will be with the celebration of the Mummy, Mummy together the day before with fresh Italian, Zhang gave no more money to check the Mummy. Last year, she also sent a cheque without money, Mummy Finally donated to fill a number of charitable organizations that Mummy this year is to do so. She Youxiao that Mummy has been responsible for her financial help, it is clear how many money can be reclaimed.

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