Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Let's Fight Live Round III Concert

Paul Wong (Paul) single-handedly organized the "Let's Fight Live Round III" concert will be held at the end of the month, Paul and Afghanistan yesterday, one of the guests-Soler to accept the visit to Taiwan, Soler said that Azerbaijan was not Paul in their understanding, They had been looking for a performance, so as long as a Chusheng Paul Ah, what are promised. Paul said that Azerbaijan now owe a lot Renqing Zhai, also do not know how.

Wong Ka-keung shelling before the disaster areas to visit the artist Bo propaganda, can not actually help the victims. A think-Paul-have their own views, he felt that the most important thing is to have a clear conscience is most important, there are good people bad people in this world, this can not draw a conclusion, going to visit that people know the true heart inside idea. He added that the current sensitive juncture, should not be more speaking, this matter has been Goucan, not because home-say, to trigger more unhappy, more right and wrong. Paul also said that if Afghanistan to visit the people mind other people's views, that is their mentality of a problem, as long as the heart of their own to disaster relief, it need not mind what other people say.

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