Sunday, July 13, 2008

Daniel Chan has recently been photographed

Daniel Chan has recently been photographed in May, Chung-kai scandal girlfriend PEI Pei back to the hotel, the woman holding a birthday cake.

Dongdong night to "fight crime Star" status at the "youth anti-crime Kangdu display Wong Tai Sin", he asked the matter, his black-on the whole.

He said: "Two months ago, need not respond! Those doll of the period to period, A finish on the speakers B, Wu Tong, I also requested to End A B, you also write ah
"He said not Read the magazine this, there is no interest to see.

The reports that he and PEI Pei separated for too long eager to meet him on very friendly, said: "Wu Shi Q!
(After carefully whether you together more)
(What is the relationship between you )
(Hello protect this Nvzi Wai!)

Have no say if La! Doll book each week, next week you have to ask me Mie Luo "Goodies that his birthday is in September , Not in May.

As for that cake, he said: "ask not, this visit can end, in addition to the work I have nothing to explain."

Private things he does not want to speak frankly, think that good nausea, can only say that no publicity-oriented magazines and sex scandal.

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