Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Elyse sentinel plastic waist

Zhou Huimin (Vivian) spokesmen yesterday to attend as "Elyse sentinel plastic waist", although she has been very fit, but she Xiao yan the biggest achievement is solid skin, Pang Shu-are secondary. Asked her boyfriend to their Ni Zhen (Joe) will have the praise she fit » She Xiao yan her boyfriend have paid attention to the changes, so thin on this course is also curious. Will then be introduced to her boyfriend » She bluntly companies less male customers, because therapists will see her whole body, so women for women not so embarrassing. She said: "the first division in the immediate treatment of nudity, I feel good embarrassed, so will bring shorts and vest counterparts."

Vivian's current 24-inch waist, asked Sanwei figures, but she sold of the Commissioner, said that only "three dozen, 24, three dozen or so" and called all their Qucai, can receive a guess Slimming treatment. Vivian recently acquired a treadmill, a lot of fat that Nikuang, asked her whether it will allow future classic to borrow thin » She laughs: "I think he has given up, gave him also of no use, but Joe Mummy has forced him to walk, he should be to get out more."

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