Sunday, July 13, 2008

That film was " Chong shang yun xiao "

Wu Zhenyu in a recent radio interview, criticized the TV series and now the actor declining standards, and that film was "Chongshangyunxiao", a female artist to say he is not acting Paiju cry, but stresses, the report also refers to women artists Or is that the new Xinger Hu.

Lin Feng Jiaxing and 10 minutes yesterday to attend activities that did not depend on relations with one voice, and that the actors are acting slowly learning.

Leo Ku, Lin Feng, 10-minute Jiaxing, Xiaozheng Nan, Yang days after, Heidi CHU, such as yesterday attended the "2008 Beijing Olympic Games together Ying-Care" activities, learn from everybody impromptu table tennis and badminton, Lin Feng and a 10-minute Jiaxing partners Badminton was when they presided over the sex scandal with jokes, and Jizi in power and Heidi CHU partners playing table tennis, there is no real position, to use the most simple, "Didi earners" only serve success.

Recently there were reports that Jizi can do to the wireless recommended himself the auspices of the Olympic program, he's not on when the event took the opportunity to wireless shoe-shining, came to power after a hurry to leave, do not even visit, because the original drive into the city TV For the evening, "Caritas" show rehearsals, no wonder he even game Ma Ma, have won the last game.

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