Thursday, July 17, 2008

Jin Chengwu earlier accepted wired "anchor interview rooms"

Jin Chengwu earlier accepted wired "anchor interview rooms" to visit, he said that since the film completed "if. Love "after not shoot romance, for the film sets of brothers are all conditions, he also photographed a little boring, would like to Zaipai a romance.

Jincheng Wu also asked whether there would be interested in becoming a director, said he saw John Woo film "Chibi" has been so hard to dispel this idea, but if he chose, he will choose to film comedy, because the audience laugh than to The audience crying even more difficult, the sense of achievement will be more.

When asked about the insulation has been a sex scandal Kelly Chen Jin Chengwu Kelly had mentioned that since the video is her only from her echocardiography of the actor, he responded: "Kelly cooperation with a tacit understanding is that more and more familiar with her Will be more emotional show, in fact, she has lovely, innocent, funny side. "As for why he seldom reported sex scandal, he said:" I can be a Cut-out of roles, which is trained,. He! "

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