Saturday, August 30, 2008

2PM join with 2AM form a mega boyband known as "One Day"

JYP has his pride on the line for "2PM", his newest boyband since the days of legendary G.O.D.

2PM finally released their much anticipated single album "Hottest Time of the Day" on August 29. JYP revealed that "this group is my pride and reputation" because 2PM is his newest boyband in 10 years since the creation of G.O.D. The title of their album "Hottest Time of the Day" implies that 2PM will reflect the bussle and activity of mid-day by working hard as a dance group.

2PM's title song is "10 points out of 10". And I definitely give them a perfect score - "10 out of 10" - because this song will be the next sensation Their single album contains 6 tracks, including "Only You" and "Angel". Their title song "10 points out of 10" is a fusion of rock(ish) guitar ripples, electronica, with a hip-pop beat that shows JYP's daring style.

The music video was created by the same producer, Jang Jae Hyuk, that made the MVs for Wonder Girls and Rain. It was set in the new W hotel in Seoul, showing a chic, trendy vibe. The MV is about the 7 guys in 2PM being awe-strucked by a gorgeous lady that walks into the hotel. They give her a "10 out of 10" for her beauty, simultaneously playing out their erotic fantasies. I feel like I lost my innocence while watching the MV and the lyrics are filled with sexual innuendos. JYP has made 7 dandy clones of himself, liberally indulging in voyeurism and self-titillation. And Wonder Girls' Yoobin makes a sexy entrance at the end, looking smoking HOT! 2PM gives Yoobin a "10 out of 10" and I can't agree more...haha. The girl featured in the MV is Gina Choi, who is Yoobin's friend (both met at Good Entertainment before they moved to JYPE together).

2PM will soon join with 2AM to form a mega boyband, known as "One Day".

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