Saturday, August 30, 2008

Rain is being called to Hawaii on November 4th 2008

Rain is being called to Hawaii on November 4th 2008. But the trip is not to show off his English skills.

Instead he is being called to testify in front of a federal court for the abrupt cancellation of his concert last year in June 2007. Local promoter, Click Entertainment, is suing Rain and demanding that Rain and his organizers, JYP Entertainment and Star M pay more than 4 million USD for the Aloha Stadium fiasco.

Rain and his previous management have avoided the call to court in Korea. And now faced with a court date in Hawaii., they will likely push to postpone the appearance. If granted, that would buy an extra 2-3 months. But, why postpone? He really should just be a man and take responsibility for his actions. Because, no matter how you slice it, Rain has to go to court anyways. So a few more months is not going to make the pain any less.

Rain’s current management company, J-tunes is washing their hands of any responsibility.

Last year, Rain also abruptly cancelled his concerts in Atlanta, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

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