Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Aoyama Thelma the J-POP R & B

Japan's most watched music of the J-POP R & B on the days after the Castle Peak Daima (Aoyama Thelma), launched earlier in the first solo album "Diary", this disc music sales in Japan is the highest prevalence list. 26 to 28 next month, Castle Peak Daima the future of Hong Kong to meet with his fans, this is her first visit to Hong Kong, will attend the shopping malls and mini-concert will be signed.

The Daima to Hong Kong, in its Web log written, but also by the staff responsible for translation and then posted to the Chinese. Castle Peak Daima before all staff in the blog asked about their views of the fans for coming to Hong Kong to prepare for concerts. For example, asked fans most want to hear her Na Yishou evening, the first one is "to stay in my side" and the second is "so" and the third is the "Nandomo & Konomamade".

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