Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sequel called "keeping distance"

When Louis was asked to comment about his ‘girlfriend’, Sammi Cheng’s, reported sex scandal – dating with a playwright and that Andy Hui does not believe this, Louis said he did not know, and have not read the report.

When the question of would he like a new love for Sammi?
He repeated his answer that he had not read the report and thus no comment.

As for the present time , is Louis Khoo dating?
He replied that he had hardly any time for rest, let alone the time for dating.

If he has the affinity with a good script, would he sacrifice his personal time?
His answer was neutral as he had no comment.

Although having cooperation with the Barbie a few times before, but they have met only several times. Thus, he recommended a sequel for this movie, ‘keeping distance’. He said he has watched the Barbie’s performances “silk" and whether there will be further cooperation, it all lies in the hands of the directors.

Louis admits that after a few days of interviews, his mandarin has made a lot of progress.

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