Friday, August 15, 2008

"Butterfly Lovers" starring Charlene Choi

"Butterfly Lovers" starring Charlene Choi and Chun 吳尊 will be in cinema on 9th October. They had so much fun filming together. Ah Sa had a reversed role that she dressed up as a man who went up to the mountain to learn the martial art. She was very popular among the other brotherhood. There was one scene that As Sa found Chun had a tear in his clothes, she went straight to mend it for him. Chun saw this little brother so good in repairing clothes, he didn't think it was the work from a man. But the other brothers took off their torn clothes, wanting As Sa to teach them how to stitch up. Now they are teasing her about opening a class for sewing.

Chun told reporter "I thought Charlene is big kid. But I couldn't beleive she could repair old clothes. She is even better than my mother." Charlene had participated well in the fun with the cast. She was quick to repair old clothes. The whole crew admired her. "I had in the past repair my own clothes. The more I do it, the more skillful I become. It is ashamed that I don't have much time now."

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