Friday, August 15, 2008

Linda and Phillip Ng in her new MV

A magazine reported Linda Chung rejected Raymond Lam because she was already dating boyfriend Phillip Ng for 1 year. They also worked together earlier filming her MV. Linda accepted Metro radio's interview and stressed she only had contact with Phillip Ng during work. They never met up together alone and the reports were false. She says "It's very funny, there is no such thing". As for Phillip Ng posting pictures of her with him on the internet, Linda claims that those pictures were taken during work. She also has those pictures and does not understand why those pictures have been reported as intimate. Her company has warned her to be careful when posting pictures on the internet.

Asked if she felt she was being pursued? "No, I'm not sure whether it's because of (Moonlight Resonance) being broadcasted, but a minor picture and news report can become such a big deal." (Asked if she felt Phillip Ng was using her to promote himself?) "I don't think so, I don't like that kind of news report and it's not real." (Are the news reports with Raymond more real?) She stressed that it was all untrue and hopes that everyone will focus on her album instead. (Are you worried rumored boyfriend Raymond will be jealous?) Linda says she doesn't know and asked the reporter to ask Raymond himself. (Asked who she will choose out of Raymond Lam or Phillip Ng?) She says she will not choose any and rather choose Sean Lau Ching Wan.

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