Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Celebrities attended " Grand Finale of a Model Competition "

Yumiko, Kenny, William, Law Lam, Ho Lai-Chuen, Mandy Lieu, Takuya Suzuki and many more celebrities attended the Grand Finale of a Model Competition yesterday. Together Yumiko and Kenny poked fun of the scandal between William and Angelababy. Kenny jokingly said that he drove with Yumiko to feel the strength of the typhoon on that day. They felt hungry during the outing and it reminded them about the burger advertisement of Angelababy. They then followed the advertisement plot on a playground. William was shy but yet saying they played wooden horse. Meantime, he took the opportunity to ask Yumiko whether she lovingly hugged Kenny because that was in the advertisement but not sure it was real. Kenny reverted by telling William to ask Angelababy but William said he was not interested to know.

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