Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Oxide Pang’s new movie

Janice Man, who has attended the “Sesame Street’s Annual Sports Carnival” closing ceremony, revealed that after two weeks of modeling assignments, she is now ready to dedicate herself again for the movie industrial. This includes Oxide Pang’s new movie, “ Fundamental Love ” which recently changed its name from “ Triangle Wrongs ” and the promotion over the dubbed movie.

In the new movie, Janice plays the role of a fishmonger. The leading actor and actress of the movie will be Rex from Square, and Elanne Ling who will be playing the role of a patient. Although it is big challenge for her, Janice will learn how to butcher a fish for the sake of a real realistic sensation. She says with a smile, ‘ It is rather embarrassing as I have never even lay on my hands on a dead fish before. But for the sake of this movie, I’m willing to learn how to. Luckily, the director provided me with gloves to catch and kill the fish. It certainly beats by using my bare hands.’

The change of environment to movie making was hard for her to adapt.

Janice made a few reference of her own, including analyzing Miriam Young’s movie, ‘Hooked on you’, who plays the role of a fishmonger as well. However, Janice’s character is different as she only lives with her mother and was abandon by her compulsive gambling father. Unlike her normal pretty stylish image, Janice also did a big makeover by wearing wigs and light make-ups. She admits that initially she felt pressured and hesitated over the new changes in image. However, under the encouragement and supports of the director and company, she decided to use this pressure as a motivation instead.

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