Saturday, August 16, 2008

Chanel invites Karen Mok who especially flew to Taiwan

Chanel invites Karen Mok who especially flew to Taiwan to attend the event, but she's no match to Da S, who's attire reached as high as 6,000,000 Yuan, but Da S said her toe was minus point. Karen Mok on the other hand said that she wanted to follow Karl Lagerfield's total look so she did not put on jewelries.

DaXiao S attended the event but Da S was the focus of attention due to her expensive look. Da S wears a total of 4 rings and an elegant dress wih a total price of 6,000,000 Yuan, she said: “I like jewelries with a "Pang Ke" feeling, and women don't do 'computations' she also added "I like simple, not fancy”. Xiao S on the other hand, wears a custom made feather necklace, she said "She's expensive, mine is "shu da" la!", a funny joke from Xiao S!

Da S wears a hig-heeled shoes that reveals the bandage on her toes. A few days ago, she attended Vanness party and her toes was scraped accidentally from a glass, and had 6 stitches, she said "I hope my wound won't open, or else everyone would see the flesh!".

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