Sunday, August 17, 2008

Love or Bread starring Da S and Joe Cheng replaced the female

Noble posture and a high price tag, Da S has finally “Ti Dao Tei Ban” ! ( meet obstacle)
The GTV idol drama Love or Bread starring Da S and Joe Cheng replaced the female leading role that cast Da S by Ariel Lin. Da S cited the reason of schedule’s conflict with her movie’s project. Another speculation is that the character of the role she would play in the Love or Bread were way to “Villagers” that needed to only wear blue and white shoes and gain weight. Da S is not allowed herself to downgrade from the proclaimed princess to the character in the drama.

GTV drama will begin shooting in August. It has costumes set up and made the posters. Da S sudden dropout gave GTV headache. It was learned that the reasons for the dropout are the character of “Zhen Shan Mei”, a poor girl who only wears a pair of 20 bucks blue-white shoes and would knee down to count money on the ground. Upon hearing director Lin ask her to gain weight, Da S painfully consider to give up the role.

Ariel Lin is not afraid of being compared
Da S’s concern on the other hand is a challenge for Ariel Lin. GTV said that Ariel Lin was the first choice to be considered for the drama and later was replaced by Da S.

It seems that everything has retuned to how it was started. Afraid of being compared with Da S? Ariel Lin said “Every person will portray the character it his/her own way.” Da S’s agent replied “ Only because of conflict with her schedule. Shan Cai is also a character of “weed“. Da S will not pick on the role la”

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