Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Denise Ho attended Megabox's "你 個 樣 樣"

Denise Ho attended Megabox's "你 個 樣 樣" event yesterday. She claims that her appearance is quite ordinary and it's easy to find people that looks similar to her. In the industry Candy Lo and Faith Yang Naiwen are often mentioned resembling her but unfortunatley they have never had the opportunity to all perform on stage together.

Denise laughs and says when she first joined the industry, an actress approached her and said she had seen her perform and liked her song. Denise felt the conversation was not as it seemed and she realised the actress must have mistaken her for Candy Lo. But she decided not to reveal anything and carried on. She states that this happened quite often and Wu Fung had often mistaken her for Candy Lo. She has got used to it now and that is why she rather not explain herself.

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