Tuesday, August 19, 2008

“We Got Married” is now being accused of plagarism.

MBC Sunday Sunday Night segment, “We Got Married” is now being accused of plagarism. This plagarism claim was made by one Korean media and it spread like wildfire across the internet, invoking fierce discussions about it.

According to the claim, the basic concept amd some parts of “We Got Married” are very similar to a Japanese variety show called “Koisuru Hanikami” by TBS Japan in 2006. Both shows sets up male and female celebrities together and then hands them a mission to accomplish on that episode. The cameras follows the celebrities around the whole day plus having the same interview segments.

With regards to this, the PDs of “We Got Married” has denied the allegations and insisted that they have not watched “Koisuru Hanikami” before. But netizens are apparently not letting this go away so easily.

Most netizens gave their support to “We Got Married” expressing, “The program has already been airing for a long time, they claimed it’s plagarism because of one similar segment, this is ridiculous”, “Although the Olympics is good to watch, but we also want to watch We Got Married. Not only has it been pre-empted for the past weeks but now with these plagarism allegations, it’s quite a pity.”

There were netizens who were unhappy about this of course, “I thought the program was really innovative all this while. But now with these plagarism claims, it’s pretty disappointing”, “I thought the program was really good to watch, but since all these is copied, I don’t feel very good now”.

The good publicity and vibes of “We Got Married” has gone downhill in recent weeks with the non-show of the program for two consecutive weeks and possibly this weekend included. Will these plagarism claims hurt the show ratings even further considering that “Family Outing” is really catching up? Is Kang Soo Jung really a jinx? Stay tuned as the drama unfolds.

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