Monday, August 25, 2008

“The Disaster Eliminator”

Charlene Choi mentioned that due to the huge storm, her makeup artist and hair dresser almost fail to get their job done, and she almost cannot make it to the event. This is not the first time working during a huge storm but she is thankful that this time she did not met any fallen trees on the way here, which she jokingly address herself as “The Disaster Eliminator”. When mentioned that Juno Mak will be attending this event too, she replied that she does not know who will be attending this event but if she meet him, she will say hi to him. As for her charity single “Make a Wish” which was launched 2 days ago, Gillian Chung has bought it to support her.
Besides that, Juno Mak has just returned to Hong Kong after working in Japan and Malaysia. He replied that he does not know about Gillian Chung’s public appearance as he was not in Hong Kong but he will continue to encourage her to recover. When asked if he stay in contact with Gillian Chung, he admits that he does but they do not talk about job matters. When asked if they are in a relationship, he replied: “It might not be a relationship, maybe you should ask her company, I have nothing to say.”

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