Monday, August 25, 2008

Mrs. Leung quit smoking for more than 3 years

When asked if she will quit smoking to have her health into better condition before having children, she admits that she has stopped smoking for more than 3 years but Tony Leung quits smoking earlier than her. She admits that she is enjoying her current life and will not get pregnant due to rumors of her having a child. When asked if her mother-in-law wanted her to have a child quickly, she replied that her mother-in-law has grandchild. But how about Brigitte Lin has hurried her to have child? She points out that reporters pressured Brigitte Lin to do so. She admits that her friends are excited to her being pregnant. As for her job, there will not be any changes after marriage except having “Leung” as surname. As for rumors about Maggie Cheung of getting married, Carina Lau replied that she does not know but if it is true, she will congratulate her.

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