Monday, August 25, 2008

DJ Maybee : “Tell us a secret that only the other members know”

5-member girls group KARA’s new member and also the youngest of the group Jang Ji Yeong (14) had a confessed that she like Big Bang DaeSung (19) the most.

Jang Ji Yeong, together with other KARA members, was on KBS Cool FM Maybee’s radio show on 24th August at 8pm. DJ Maybee asked the question, “Tell us a secret that only the other members know”.

And the answer was, “I really like Big Bang Daesung. When other members sing along to Big Bang’s songs, I only sing DaeSung’s parts.”

And because of this, other KARA members would tell DaeSung, “Just come around our side once, Ji Yeong is there” when they meet backstage.

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