Monday, August 25, 2008

Hwang Bo and Kim Hyun Joong 100th wedding

Originally scheduled for 10th August, Hwang Bo and Kim Hyun Joong 100th wedding photoshoot episode was pushed back for two consecutive weeks due to MBC’s Beijing Olympics coverage. But with the conclusion of the Olympics yesterday, the long-awaited 100th day photoshoot episode was finally aired. The last of the four incumbent couples on the show to have this mission.

In episode 22 of MBC “We Got Married” yesterday, both of them were particularly nervous as they were wearing wedding outfits for the first time during their photoshoot. The older woman/younger man couple were even more awkward and uptight when faced with the photographer’s requests to be more intimate in their poses. But under the guidance of the photographer, they eventually completed the bobo scene after some difficulty.

Hwang Bo expressed in her interview, “Because he’s like a younger brother, I don’t know if this was possible. But it should be fine for a younger brother to hug his older sister right?, as she revealed how much she doted on Hyun Joong. Meanwhile, Hyun Joong expressed generously, “Although there might be a little problem in future after that bobo scene, but the feeling was great.”

Hwang Bo’s close friend, Shin Ae-ra visited her during her photoshoot and offered some advice to her since she was already a mother of 4 children with her actor/husband, Cha In Pyo. She told Hwang Bo, “You are really not suitable to date a younger man?”. But at the same time, Shin Ae-ra showed her interest in the young groom, “You have finally returned safely from Japan, must have been really tough?”, her straightforward words leaving everyone in stitches.

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