Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Famous 2008 Beijing Olympic Games closing ceremony

The famous 2008 Beijing Olympic Games closing ceremony was held yesterday night, TVB and Asia Television broadcast the event live while more than nine shopping complexes in Hong Kong held Olympic Games related activities. Citizens of Hong Kong are encouraged to participate in this huge event.

TVB live broadcast center’s hosts include Natalis Chan, Hacken Lee, Leo Ku, Anna Yau and lots more. There was a rumor about a tense situation between Hacken Lee and Leo Ku but at yesterday night’s event, they not only chat happily, Hacken Lee even praises Leo Ku does not speaks rudely. It was only he got nervous and lost control of his voice while commenting on China versus America female volleyball match. He was at the “Bird Nest” during the opening ceremony but was at Hong Kong during the closing ceremony. He mentioned earlier that he needs to return to Hong Kong for recording and thus he would not be able to involve in the 16 days Olympic Games’ work. As for these 16 days, he laughed and replied that except sleeping, he watches television for longer hours, which was about 1 year of television watching in the past.

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